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Green Meetings in Seattle

With a setting as spectacular in Seattle, Washington the hotel is committed to preserving resources and minimizing the footprint we leave on this natural treasure.  We continue to reduce our carbon footprint with sustainable culinary practices (such as locally sourced food) energy-efficient lighting, environment-friendly cleaning products, and a first-rate recycling and composting program


We have created an integrated, holistic approach that carries through our hotel development, our operating principles, and our community partnerships.

Green Meeting Services 

  • All meeting correspondence is sent electronically, including sales proposals, catering menus and banquet orders, except for legal documents where hard copies are required.
  • Dry-erase boards are provided as an alternative to flip charts.
  • Recycling bins are placed in all meeting rooms.
  • Temperatures in meeting rooms are set conservatively to save energy.

Food and Beverage Services 

  • China and silverware are used instead of disposable plating and utensils.
  • Condiments are served in bulk rather than in individual packages.
  • Menus are planned around abundant, local, seasonal and artisanal ingredients.
  • Chefs create menus with more vegan and vegetarian options to lower greenhouse gas emissions associated with animal farming.
  • Leftover food is composted or donated.


  • Guests have the option to reuse linen, which reduces consumption of water associated with laundering.
  • Leftover or gently used amenities, including shampoo and conditioner, are collected and donated to charitable organizations.
  • Energy-efficient measures and processes are in place to improve water and electricity conservation.
  • Staff are instructed to shut blinds, turn off lights and turn down heat/AC when rooms are unoccupied.
  • To conserve paper, guests may have their folios emailed to them upon departure.
  • On-site recycling is provided for paper, cardboard, metals, glass, plastics and other recyclable materials, and recycling bins are available to be placed in guest rooms where facilities exist.
  • We use biodegradable, environmentally friendly chemicals to clean and disinfect glass, fabric and carper, and surfaces.We use biodegradable, environmentally friendly chemicals to clean and disinfect glass, fabric and carper, and surfaces.

Green/Environmental Initiatives: Crowne Plaza Hotel- Seattle Downtown

Interstate Hotels & Resorts manages and operates hundreds of hotels across the United States and requires each hotel to have a Green Team working toward better sustainability practices. The following are some of the items that our Hotel does the contribution:

• Offer a Towel and Linen reuse program in guest rooms and ensure attendants are adhering through constant training and communication.
• Have a documented PM program to clean, adjust and repair boilers ice machines, dishwashers and laundry machines.
• Donates leftover food to local shelter-“food Lifeline”
• Changed hotel to 100% non-smoking
• Have documented PM program for HVAC system regularly to ensure proper air flow.
• Hotel participates in community programs such as community cleanup projects- 2010 team gathered to clean Volunteer Park.